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Auto-Gratifying Propaganda! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Auto-Gratifying Propaganda! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Sometimes the critiques thrown at us speak for themselves, and our headline is a fav!

    Our header picture is also a fav, though for vastly different reasons as it is the cover mock-up for Dead Man’s Rust for our Scarred Lands 5e game line. We’ll be starting its Kickstarter campaign next MONDAY the 23rd at 2pm EST.

    I emphasize Monday, and sorry for shouting, because starting a campaign on a Monday is something we haven’t done for years, not since the wild and woolly days of early Kickstarter. But we want to have this KS wind up before the Xmas holidays really get started (and so James, our Kickstarter Concierge, can spend time with his family this season without making updates and adding Stretch Goals!

    So make a note on that Monday start if you are used to us starting on Tuesdays or Thursdays!

    Travis Legge, our Scarred Lands maestro, sent me this awesome description of Dead Man’s Rust:

    Dead Man’s Rust is the most blood-spraying, face-melting, ass-kicking, heart-wrenching, undead-filled, heavy-metal pile of awesomeness ever conceived of for the fifth edition of the ...


    Onyx Path
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