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Scarred Lands: Dead Man’s Rust is now on Kickstarter!

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  • Scarred Lands: Dead Man’s Rust is now on Kickstarter!

    Dead Man’s Rust, a mega-adventure for fifth edition fantasy, set in Onyx Path’s Scarred Lands setting, is now on Kickstarter! This book contains:

    A complete campaign taking characters from level 1 to 10Detailed write-ups of four major locations in central Ghelspad: the Broadreach Horizon, The Gleaming Valley, the Hornsaw Forest, and the necromancer’s stronghold of Glivid-Autel.New playable options including races, subraces, and subclassesNew monsters, magic items, and more!

    The Dead Man’s Rust Kickstarter campaign is designed to enable Onyx Path to create a *hardcover setting supplement that will sit proudly alongside your existing ScarredLands*5th Edition books, including the*Scarred Lands Player’s Guide*and the*Scarred Lands Creature Collection. The book will be approximately 180 full-color pages featuring evocative fantasy artwork. Exception funding may allow us to add Stretch Goals that further develop the setting and add additional materials for play, including virtual tools to aid online play and possibly more character options and location details! We also want to get at least one print run into traditional distribution and available for sale at game and hobby stores.

    >>Join the adventure now! <<


    Onyx Path
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