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Now Available: Yugman’s Guide 6, Creature Collection VTT Pack, and more!

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  • Now Available: Yugman’s Guide 6, Creature Collection VTT Pack, and more!

    Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad, Part 6 for Scarred Lands!

    Pay Heed to the Wisdom of Yugman the Sage

    A century and a half after the Divine War, the titans lay defeated and scattered across Scarn and beyond. As the people of Ghelspad work to build a new world on the war-torn remnants of a fallen paradise, new heroes rise, and new threats emerge. Yugman the Sage brings an overview of these new heroes and villains, as well as the tools they use to rise to power.

    Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad Part Six*includes two new Ranger subclasses, including the Hornsaw Sentinel, as well as new spell and new magic items.

    Also available from DriveThruRPG: a Virtual Tabletop Token Pack for the Scarred Lands Creature Collection!

    Bring the updated version of your favorites to the virtual table top in this hand-picked selection of tokens and maps, featuring adversaries from the storied history of the Creature Collection and the Scarred Lands.

    This VTT digital assets pack includes:

    VTT Tokens for every creature included in Creature Collection 5e, ready to use in your ...


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