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Farewell to 2020

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  • Farewell to 2020

    Onyx Path and Indie Press Revolution bring you the “Farewell to 2020” Sale. Just four more weeks of this hellscape to go, and it’ll be January. Bye, 2020. Don’t let the calendar hit you on the way out.

    As part of the sale, Storypath books, screens, and dice are 20% off through to December 26 at 8:20 PST, while supplies last.

    (Today is also the one-year anniversary of the public release of the Trinity Continuum, so now’s your chance to celebrate in style).

    We’ve got:

    Dystopia Rising: EvolutionDystopia Rising: Evolution Storyguide ScreenScion 2nd Edition Book One: OriginScion 2nd Edition Book Two: HeroScion 2nd Edition Storyguide ScreenScion DiceThey Came from Beneath the Sea!Trinity Continuum Core RulebookTrinity Continuum Storyguide ScreenTrinity Continuum: ├ćonTrinity Continuum: ├ćon Storyguide Screen

    Check ’em out while the sale lasts!


    Onyx Path
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