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Foul Cankering Rust the Hidden Treasure…[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Foul Cankering Rust the Hidden Treasure…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yep, we’re killin’ it with the Dead Man’s Rust Kickstarter!

    Get the point?

    Half-way through, we’re funded and have passed several Stretch Goals. Starting to get a nice collection of Virtual Tabletop Tokens and Maps for the encounters in the book!

    This is pretty exciting for us as it really opens up the options for play – you’ve got the handiness of having these adventures, maps, and tokens that are easy to add to on-line gaming, to electronic player hand-outs, and even playing around the table can be made a bit more tactile by printing these out.

    With all that going for it, with the many interviews and actual plays like those linked below in the Media section, we’re seeing a very slow, steady growth in pledges. Which is fantastic!

    Dead Man’s Rust art by Michele Giorgi

    But like with any Kickstarter, we’d like to see more people get involved. At this point, the project is funded. The book is going to get made, and we’ll overprint a percentage of books so they can go into game stores.

    So, serious question time. If you haven’t backed it ...


    Onyx Path
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