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Frostlands Expeditions: Fenrilik So Far [Scarred Lands]

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  • Frostlands Expeditions: Fenrilik So Far [Scarred Lands]

    Hi all, 

    Travis Legge here to talk to you a bit about Frostlands of Fenrilik. As the year wraps up, I wanted to give a quick look back on how this new addition to the Slarecian Vault for Scarred Lands has done so far, what sort of creations it has inspired, and what I would like to see.

    In case you are unfamiliar with Frostlands of Fenrilik, here’s the blurb:

    “Frostlands of Fenrilik is an expansion for Scarred Lands 5e OGL that explores the frozen continent of Fenrilik. Known as the Roof of the World, Fenrilik is a massive frozen tundra filled with unique creatures, dangerous weather and deadly Titanspawn.

    This book is created through the Slarecian Vault Community Content program and is designed to not only permit your party to take their adventures to Fenrilik, but also to allow you to create your own Fenrilik content for release via the Slarecian Vault!

    Frostlands of Fenrilik includes:

    Information on the history, geography, civilizations and religions of FenrilikNew rules for travel and survival in the arctic wastesNew player options including 3 new races, 4 new subclasses, and ...


    Onyx Path
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