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A Curve Ball: How to Pitch (a Game to Onyx Path)

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  • A Curve Ball: How to Pitch (a Game to Onyx Path)

    Sometimes video games ruin you.

    I’m not talking about the kind of things your mom always told you would ruin you. Instead, I’m talking about how working in video games ruined me. You see, there’s an informally standard way of pitching an idea in video games, called a “pitch deck.” And I’ve seen or made so many of them that when Rich and I first discussed the idea of opening up Onyx Path to new game pitches, we didn’t give any guidance on that front. “Surely everyone knows what a pitch is,” I thought.

    Which was not only foolish on my part, but also a really terrible idea, because the way pitch decks are written for video games is kind of dumb to apply to RPGs when you think about it.

    I won’t go into the details — if you’re interested, you can go to Game Dev Postmortem and get a good breakdown of how video game pitches work. Instead, let me pull the bits that make sense for a tabletop RPG, and give you some advice on what works best if you ...


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