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Now Available: FREE PDFs, and also journals and wallpaper

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  • Now Available: FREE PDFs, and also journals and wallpaper

    Available for FREE until December 26th, as Onyx Path’s gift to you:

    The Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook: The Trinity Continuum is the core rulebook needed for other games in the Continuum: Æon, Aberrant, and the upcoming Adventure!, Anima, and Assassins. It’s also very usable by itself as a modern-day action-adventure game!Monarchies of Mau: D&D meets Three Musketeers meets Planet of the Apes, but with cats. Join the Monarchies in the ancient future as they try to rebuild society after their favored servants, humans, have left.

    Also available, Fetch Quest desktop wallpaper:

    “Be a good dog. Protect your home. Be loyal to those who are true. These are the words of the Code of Man.”

    — Sister Picassa Collie, Shepherd of the Church of Man

    This download includes a*selection of electronic wallpaper files for your computer or mobile device featuring a collage of the art from the Fetch Quest Card Game.


    We’ve also got a bunch of new hardcover journals, with your choice of lined, grid, or blank pages:

    Dystopia Rising: Evolution: Your Brothers and Sisters (journal)Dystopia Rising: Evolution: A New Age (journal)Dystopia Rising: Evolution: What You Believe ...


    Onyx Path
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