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Almost Through, Folks! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Almost Through, Folks! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Like I mentioned in last week’s MMN blog, this week our crew are taking a break and hoping to see 2020 getting smaller in the rear view mirror after we burst through to 2021.

    We all know that there’s a whole lotta stuff that can still wreck 2021, but that New Year optimism just can’t be denied. It’s a conditioned reflex and this New Years, we’re just going to go along with it!

    Because of that, though, this week’s MMN blog – the last in 2020 – is wee small. We’re between Kickstarters with Dead Man’s Rust ending last week at 200% funded and with some very “value added” Stretch Goals for VTT gaming aids and a couple of expanded location books. Not a huge KS for us, but a very sweet way to end our KS run this year.

    Plus, our affable Kickstarter Concierge, James Bell, gets to celebrate the holidays this year without juggling a running KS. Which is one of the reasons why we scheduled our KSs this year as we did.

    Next, we’ll be running a dual Scion: Dragon and ...


    Onyx Path
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