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  • Add Title Here [Monday Meeting Notes]

    I didn’t forget the title – that’s a joke as we’re in the week before we start a Kickstarter, see below, and that gives me a little time to touch on topics other than letting folks know about whichever KS we’re running and how cool it is. And really, they are all cool for different reasons otherwise we wouldn’t be running their Kickstarter, right?

    With that in mind, I’m going to look at something that a bunch of folks have touched on in the comments sections of our social media, this blog, for our KSs, and with our recent Survey. What it boils down to is that some of our community are concerned when projects other than for their favorite game lines move faster through the creation process and out into stores and/or DTRPG.

    There’s a lot of ways this concern is expressed, and I’m going to try and cover them as best I can. Before I do, though, let me lay in the groundwork for how we do what we do.

    First, we publish a bunch of game lines, as you ...


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