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Episode 138: Bloody Cults of the Bloody Blood Gods

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  • Episode 138: Bloody Cults of the Bloody Blood Gods

    In which Dixie, Matthew, and Eddy discuss cults, Cults of the Blood Gods, blood, and gods.

    Is King Bowser a cat?Do we deserve a break?The lasting greatness of Alan WakeIP law, licensed RPGs and video games, and Beckett’s Jyhad DiaryMemories of our Scion actual playThe Cults of the Blood Gods theme tuneCults of the Blood Gods is on sale via PDF and print on demand!Problems with the BahariThe One True Way (to Golconda)Why religions are appealing to vampiresThe Leftovers is a magnificent TV show and you should watch itFringe beliefs emerging in the 21st centuryThe Lancea et Sanctum (from Vampire: The Requiem) are also magnificent and perform miracles!The reasonable nature of Mithraism (when compared to the Sabbat)Why cults are a mundane horror as well as a supernatural oneOne of our Trails of Ash and Bone storiesChildren of the Blood teasersAlternate names for the HecataThe emerging popularity of the HecataNecrotic Plague and why it’s an excellent power (so there)Jason Newberry doesn’t deserve to have eyesThe Giovanni Brand NameThe Promise of 1528Why you should buy Cults of the Blood Gods


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