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Dragon Tentacles Are Coming! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Dragon Tentacles Are Coming! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Tomorrow, as I write this, on Tuesday the 19th at 2pm Eastern US time our dual Kickstarter for Scion: Dragon and Scion: Masks of the Mythos arrives to bring chaos to your order, and a whole lotta options to your Scion gaming!

    As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, this is a new sort of Kickstarter format for us – so it’s pretty exciting! Even though we have run multiple book reward KSs before, they were for the sort of book one and book two for a game line, not two very different books like these.

    James, our Kickstarter Concierge and all-around nice guy, will be juggling providing all of our backers with updates and text section for both books and answering questions about both as well. We want folks who are backing for both books to have an exciting but not overwhelming KS, of course, and we also want to provide backers who are drawn to only one of the books to get the updates that keep them enthralled!

    Not to mention a wide variety of Stretch Goal rewards!

    Fortunately, we’ll have ...


    Onyx Path
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