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A Squamish Birthday to Me! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • A Squamish Birthday to Me! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Don’t worry, I’m OK! I haven’t gotten all scaly or come down with something awful.

    In fact, and much better sounding, I’m referring to our incredible new Kickstarter for the scaled dragons of Scion: Dragon and scaly tentacles and other appendages of Scion: Masks of the Mythos!

    We funded in 66 minutes, and just kept going and right now we’ve achieved 13 Stretch Goals. All within the first week of the campaign. Even better has been the fantastic comments on the KS page as well as social media as folks have been reading excerpts and chapters from both books.

    I’m not just talking about everybody talking about how good both books are so far, although they are, but I’m really thrilled by folks describing why they are interested. I love dragons! is great to hear, as well as folks who continue that line of thought and start describing all their favorite dragons and how they fit into Scion: Dragon.

    Dragons from myth, dragons from books, and anime, and other popular culture. Dragons from other game lines – not just fantasy games – and ...


    Onyx Path
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