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M20: Victorian Age? Go Gogo! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • M20: Victorian Age? Go Gogo! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Go, Go, Go!

    Go over to Indiegogo!

    That’s right, the Deluxe Mage 20th Anniversary Edition: Victorian Age crowd funding campaign is going to start on Indiegogo tomorrow, Tuesday the 23rd, at 2pm Eastern US time!

    Here’s the link to the pre-launch page, if you want to sign up to be alerted, or just be ready come 2pm tomorrow!

    What? But why after 50 Kickstarter campaigns would you drop it for Indiegogo, Rich? (Says somebody hypothetical).

    We wouldn’t, actually. We’re experimenting with another crowd-funding platform like Indiegogo because we want to be sure we have options and alternatives. Plus, we like to shake things up a bit and see if we can get the word out about the project to another audience.

    I’m actually working with James right now to set up our next Kickstarter campaign; which is for Trinity Continuum: Adventure!.

    But besides the question of leaving Kickstarter, which we’re not, I’ve also heard a few other concerns from folks since I mentioned this last week. One concern I heard was that on Indiegogo a campaign has no funding target that means ...


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