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Now Available: Trinity Continuum: New Lives

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  • Now Available: Trinity Continuum: New Lives

    Now available in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Trinity Continuum: New Lives, a Storypath Tasty Bit!

    The Paths included in the*Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook*provide a solid foundation from which to create a character.

    However, the list is by no means exhaustive. Here, we provide new Origin and Role Paths to expand the options available for character creation, as well as a variety of new Skill Tricks.

    These Paths and Skill Tricks are designed for use with the*Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook*but are suitable for characters in any era.

    This PDF is part of the “Storypath Tasty Bits” program, where every month in 2021 Onyx Path offers a small product that ties into one of its Storypath games.

    Check in every month to see what’s coming next!

    Also available: A Missing Teammate!, the fourth episode of Tales of the ├ćon Society! is now live! You can catch it on PodBean, or download it from DriveThruRPG!

    A new episode will be posted every week, and will all be linked from our audio archive page (linked in the right-hand sidebar).

    Follow along as Max Mercer, a cunning daredevil with extraordinary luck, leads ...


    Onyx Path
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