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The Sun Never Sets on M20 Victorian Age! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • The Sun Never Sets on M20 Victorian Age! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    As people far and wide keep showing up at all hours and backing the Deluxe M20 Victorian Age crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo! Earlier today we passed the 200% funded mark, and we still have a little more than half of the campaign to go!

    The line itself is a play on “The sun never sets on the British empire”, which was said during Victoria’s reign because they had countries under their rule throughout the world. Empire-building and colonialism was in full-flower then, with everything that entails.

    M20 Victorian Age deals with both the classic tropes of the Victorian Era, and also with the terrible costs in human misery underlying those tropes. It attempts to provide a background based on history broad enough for players to be challenged with the questions of their time, even with the power at their disposal. This Era could be the most dramatic and dynamic for playing Mage: The Ascension!

    Yet to be clear, M20 Victorian Age is not a history book, although our writers have researched the era, and the history of Mage: The Ascension, in ...


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