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What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Empire? [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Empire? [Monday Meeting Notes]

    This is a wild week!

    First, we have the finale of the M20: Victorian Age crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo on Thursday, and then we also have the start of the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Kickstarter. Also on Thursday, but at 2pm Eastern US time!

    So we go from one to the other. (Or at least, that was the plan but apparently Indiegogo decides when your campaign ends – another thing we have learned along the way – so there’s overlap we didn’t intend. Sorry.)

    But sliding from one to the next also makes a kind of sense for these two game books. Both are set in “historical” eras where we take the cool stuff, the fun stuff, that popular culture has selected from and added to each time period and play with those aspects for our gaming. Our goal isn’t to ignore or try and hide the awful parts of those eras so much as provide ways for players to approach and/or deal with the racism, sexism, colonialism, and so many other issues that are part of those time periods.

    In both games, the ...


    Onyx Path
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