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Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Kickstarter is live!

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  • Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Kickstarter is live!

    Trinity Continuum: Adventure!*is the next*edition of the pulp action game*Adventure!, originally released in 2001. This new edition features mechanics that are both flexible and fast as well as new Inspired powers. While the setting is quite similar to the original*edition’s, it has been newly updated to better fit into the overall Continuum setting and encourage heroic roleplaying.

    Trinity Continuum: Adventure! is a pulp action game set in an alternate history 1930s putting the players in the shoes of daring adventurers who seek to right wrongs and stop evildoers. In a world altered by strange telluric energy, characters may find themselves transported to places out of time where dinosaurs still roam or stopping an evil genius from blowing up the moon.

    The main goal of this Trinity Continuum: Adventure!*Kickstarter is to enable us to create a hardcover edition of the*Trinity Continuum: Adventure!*book compatible with the*Trinity Continuum*core rulebook and setting expansions (such as*Trinity Continuum: Æon*and*Trinity Continuum: Aberrant).

    If this sounds fun:

    >>> Heed the call to Adventure! <<<


    Onyx Path
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