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I’ll Be Superamalgamated! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • I’ll Be Superamalgamated! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    You’ll be Superamalgamated!

    And you’ll be Superamalgamated!

    And you’ll be Superamalgamated, too!

    We’ll all be Superamalgamated!

    The original is a line used by Johnny (William Harper Littlejohn) – one of Doc Savage’s team of adventurers sometimes called the Fabulous Five – in the Doc Savage pulp novels. I admit to adding a little Oprah-style excitement to the above, though. Which, of course, brings us to:

    We’re heading towards finishing the second week of the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Kickstarter and things are looking great! Thanks so much to all of you who have pledged and pushed us to achieve nine Stretch Goals when I write this, including two sets of Ready Made Character, a Jumpstart, and the start of both the TC: Adventure! Addendum companion book and Thrilling Tales which take the Tales of the Aeon Society radio drama and turns each chapter into a playable adventure!

    And we’re not even half-way over!

    In keeping with last week, I’d like to continue to try and touch a bit on why the pulp genre seems like such a rich genre for TTRPGs to me. It’s less about ...


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