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Episode 150: Listener Mailbag #3 – The Trilogy Continuums

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  • Episode 150: Listener Mailbag #3 – The Trilogy Continuums

    In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew conclude answering listener questions!

    Derek Acorrah joins us from Beyond the Grave and Eddy’s wild mind!The meandering road of the Onyx Pathcast and Matthew’s feud with Ian A. A. Watson.Roleplaying group drama!Matthew continues his Vincenzo rant.Outside of your work for OPP (and White Wolf), what projects have you worked on that you’re the most passionate about?Are there more books planned for the Aberrant line aside those already announced?What OPP games do you play that you do not want to work on? What OPP games have you worked on and want to play but have not had the opportunity to?Tell us more about women as default player characters.How do you get into playing D&D / I want to start but don’t know how or any of the rulesIn my older age, I have found the metaphor for Vampires to sexual assault/violation of consent has become harder to ignore (for example see VTR: “The Kiss” “The Assault”). How do you handle these (and similar) issues at your tables when they feel hard baked into the framework ...


    Onyx Path
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