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Covering the Pulp Genre with TC: Adventure! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Covering the Pulp Genre with TC: Adventure! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    We’re just about three weeks into the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Kickstarter, and we’ve hit the legendary Sargasso Sea of Lost Ships time period where the KS pledges start to drip in.

    We find this “slow time” with all of our KS’s, pretty much, and many of our friends in other companies report the same thing, so it’s not unusual – but we’d still like to get the word out.

    This is a great time for folks out there to join us in pushing the KS to friends, family, random strangers – whatever gets more eyes on the KS page!

    Our TC: Adventure! team have continued to sit in on interviews and other media – doing their part to spread the word – and you can find those links down below in the Media section.

    Meanwhile, we do keep achieving Stretch Goals and building the companion books, just a bit more slowly at this period!

    V5 Trail of Ash and Bone art by Ken Meyer. Jr.

    In keeping with the theme of the last several weeks of covering the pulp roots of adventure, I’m thinking a ...


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