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Only Hours Left To SAVE THE WORLD!!! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Only Hours Left To SAVE THE WORLD!!! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    …and to pledge for your own copy of the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! beautiful hardcover book!

    We’re down to the last couple of days, the last few dozen hours even, with a couple of super Stretch Goals including this one:

    Exploring Alternate Timelines! – Discussion and guidance on the timelines created by Max Mercer each time he tried to change the future and how to play in some of them will be added to the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Companion PDF.

    What’s exciting about this Stretch goal is that this is where we use the underlying storyline of the Trinity of game lines so far and mix it into the core concept of this whole Continuum – the idea that our Trinity Continuum worlds/settings may or may not be a single timeline depending on your needs at your table.

    Max Mercer travels through time. He could be traveling along a single line through time. Or, the overall setting itself suggests, he is bouncing from timeline to timeline, from parallel dimension to parallel dimension, attempting to do the right things to create ...


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