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A Swiss Cheese Meeting [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • A Swiss Cheese Meeting [Monday Meeting Notes]

    And no, that’s not a reference to what might be our next crowd-funded project; it’s a reference to today’s Monday Lunch Meeting where we had Matthew out, Mirthful Mike with a bad arm after his 2nd Covid shot, and Eddy coming in later after he took his dog to the vet.

    So we had some holes in our Monday Lunch Meeting reports process, but managed to fill in a lot of them. And then Eddy did show up and we filled him in on the things we’d covered and he filled us in on the topics he needed the team to discuss.

    Of course, one of his topics was how the playtests for Squeaks in the Deep – the next Pugmire book, and possible next crowd-funding project – were going. The answer is very well indeed, and you should be able to see them on our Twitch and YouTube feeds now and/or eventually.

    Heirs to the Shogunate art by Gunship

    I know a lot of our community are very, very interested in whether Squeaks or Exalted Essence will be our next crowd-funding project, and ...


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