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Conventionally Speaking…[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Conventionally Speaking…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    Since we’re between Kickstarters, I just wanted to use this break and mention how we’ve been handling conventions all last year and through this one.

    Usually, I make a lot of noise throughout the year as we attend con after con, but then 2020 happened. And the effects of that continue to affect us. Which means a lot fewer posts about conventions.

    Yet that doesn’t mean that cons are any less important to us than they were; just that like so many things, we’ve had to adapt and adopt new methods. Of course, one of those was attending online conventions. We’ve been at several cons that other folks have put together, either as Onyx Path or as individuals, and generally those have been really fun experiences.

    Which is important, because those fun experiences built up the idea that we can enjoy talking with and playing with folks virtually, even as previously our most favorite parts of in-person conventions were those same things.

    For example, we’ll be officially attending TryItCon online the weekend of May 14-16th. The intention of this convention – run by a ...


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