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Mimes & Pun-ishment. [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Mimes & Pun-ishment. [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Although our illustration above, by long, long-time WoD artist Ken Meyer, Jr., isn’t really all that funny or punny, and only sort of a mime, that’s kind of the point today. A lot of our game lines are pretty serious. They’re about catharsis and dealing with (un)life in an unfair world.

    We have extended that range over the years and have created game lines that allow a wide range of play-styles and expectations. Really, we have touched on a range of genres, and those genres tend towards particular moods and sets of themes. We try and stay within certain parameters that are within that genre and our take on it within a game line.

    I used to call it the Doctrine of Appropriateness when discussing what visuals, artist styles, and graphic design elements we’d use. Even the coolest visual wouldn’t do well for a line where it didn’t sustain the overall look for that line. That still works when looking at everything that goes into a game, I think.

    You can see that overall thematic attention when looking at Pugmire‘s core book, for ...


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