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Con-voluted? Not at all! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Con-voluted? Not at all! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    We’re almost exactly a month out from our second Onyx Path Virtual Convention, and things are not so much convoluted – unlike our poor friends’ path here in this illo from Squeaks in the Deep – as they are starting to get fun and exciting as the convention gets firmed up.

    Which is why I wanted to remind everybody today that there is still time for anyone who wants to run a game to do so! The reason to say that now, is that the sign-ups for playing in games during the con open on Weds the 19th, which as of this writing is two days from now!

    We hope that having a month will give folks enough chance to plan their attacks and clear space in their schedules to play. This is more than twice as much time as our extremely truncated schedule last year allowed us to give folks – so we’re really glad the organizational work happening behind the scenes was able to make this happen!

    It’s really a Tetris game organizationally to set up any convention, and virtual ones ...


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