Ahem. Sorry for shouting.

I’m just so thrilled to finally be able to give everyone the time for the Exalted: Essence KS: May 27th at 2pm Eastern US time!

We’ll get into more detail on what’s in EX:Essence in the weeks to come, and, as usual with our KSs, we’ll be releasing the finished text during the course of the campaign so that backers will have the whole darn thing after the KS is over.

Or, at least, the ESSENCE of it!

Hoo ha!

But today, I just want to mention that the need to create this project isn’t a need to replace Exalted 3rd‘s core. It’s not even a 3.5 edition. Over the years, we considered and rejected both options.

Either of those two options aren’t really what we want EX:Essence to be. What it was designed to do is to give new players a chance at an easier and less intimidating on-ramp to the Exalted 3rd play experience. Because let’s face it: that is one honkin’-big core rulebook. And it was never designed to be somebody’s first ...