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Exalted: Essence is now on Kickstarter!

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  • Exalted: Essence is now on Kickstarter!

    Exalted: Essence features streamlined rules for a new way of playing a classic game, incorporating story-focused action and a presentation designed to appeal to new players and longtime fans alike. Featuring multiple classic Exalt types with Charms for each, written to enable ease of play, Exalted: Essence emphasizes story over character, character over mechanics, and mechanics over minutiae in order to drive Exalted:*Essence toward engaging players with the myriad stories they can tell in the world of Creation.

    Exalted: Essence*is a streamlined version of*Exalted Third Edition, designed to welcome new players and reintroduce old friends to the world of Creation. It contains all the mechanics and advice players and Storytellers need to run complete games of Exalted: Essence, though setting material and character, place, and creature ideas can be supplemented by the core line’s content.

    All the material in the book is compatible with*Exalted Third Edition, so new and established fans can collect the core line’s books and use them with a beginner-friendly and less mechanically dense system. Inside you will find:

    Rules for creating all 10 Exalt types: Solars, Dragon-Blooded, Lunars, ...


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