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Extra-Essence-ory Reception! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Extra-Essence-ory Reception! [Monday Meeting Notes]


    That’s just me, still over-awed by the great reception to the Exalted: Essence Kickstarter! We went live on Thursday and funded in 13 minutes! I’m told by our Master of the Records, Impish Ian Warson, that this was in fact our fastest funding EVAH- beating the original EX3 KS by five minutes!

    We’ve also already blown through a dozen Stretch Goals in all of five days, including the start of an epic adventure book, a Jumpstart and Ready-Made Characters to get started playing with Essence‘s new rules, unlocked the Screen, and built six sections of the Exalted: Essence Companion book, including:

    Pillars of Creation containing more Universal Charms, Evocations, Hearthstones, and the ever-popular warstriders.Scattered Lotus Petals containing more martial arts.Enemies of the Chosen containing antagonist and NPC write-ups with special attention on demons and Fair Folk.Eight Direction Atlas containing more locations.Creation’s Chosen containing more Solar, Lunar, Exigent, Sidereal, and Dragon-Blooded goodies.Storytelling the Chosen containing material and advice for running games.

    People really seem to love having all of the Exalted types be available, and we’ve also received lots of appreciation for the setting ...


    Onyx Path
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