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Release Roundup: May 2021

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  • Release Roundup: May 2021

    We’re finally coming out of March 2020 as more and more of us are getting vaccinated. Keep up the great work! I miss face-to-face conventions.

    This past month saw the release of the following:

    Scion: Scion 2nd Edition Live-Action (PDF/print)Scion: Storypath Tasty Bit: Zeus! We Just Wanna Talk! (PDF)Vampire: The Masquerade: Children of the Blood (PDF/print)Exalted: Lunars: Fangs at the Gate Deluxe Edition (IPR)Exalted: Lunars: Fangs at the Gate Storytellers Screen (IPR)


    We’ve got a bunch of shirts from Requiem for Rome (Roman clans are already up there):

    Rome Bloodline: Larvae (Gangrel) (shirts)Rome Bloodline: Licinii (Julii/Nosferatu) (shirts)Rome Bloodline: Morbus (Mekhet) (shirts)Rome Wing: Cult of Augurs (shirts)Rome Wing: Legio Mortuum (shirts)Rome Wing: Peregrine Collegia (shirts)Rome Wing: Senex (shirts)Rome Wing: Lancea et Sanctum (shirts)

    Crowdfunding Update

    Exalted: Essence launched on Kickstarter this past Thursday, and hit our funding goal within the first 13 minutes! That makes it our fastest-funding Kickstarter ever, beating Exalted 3rd Edition’s previous 18-minute record!

    We’re currently at $218,539 of our initial $35,000 goal, or 624% after just four days (!!!), thanks to our 2525 backers. With 23 days to go, we’ve already hit the following ...


    Onyx Path
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