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The Road Of ExEss…[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • The Road Of ExEss…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    …leads to the palace of wisdom? Actually, this week it leads to the 2nd Onyx Path Virtual Gaming Convention!

    And our lead-in to the con is the awesomely amazing Kickstarter for Exalted: Essence (one of the abbreviations that are used for it is ExEss, hence this week’s MMN blog title) which we’re not even two full weeks into yet!

    Right now we are 700% funded and soooo close to 3,000 backers and we’ve achieved eighteen Stretch Goals, so far. So. Far. And here comes even more fun:

    Our next Stretch Goal opens up us working with to give them the assets to create an EX:Essence bag, and maybe a lot more. I’ve seen some gorgeous Scion prototypes and am really looking forward to see what they can do!

    (Disclaimer, because these sorts of SGs need them: we will do what we can to work with any outside company we bring in on these things, but we can’t make stuff like this ourselves and no SG relationship like this guarantees a final product).

    And as for more fun stuff coming these next few ...


    Onyx Path
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