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Essence Almost Ex! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Essence Almost Ex! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yes, as hard as it is to believe, we are 3 days away from the end of the Exalted: Essence Kickstarter!

    What a fantastic ride it has been! Starting with it breaking our record for fasted funded KS project, right through to achieving something like twenty-seven Stretch Goals so far, and with it steadily rising every darn day, it has been great!

    What’s important to me about this is two-fold. The first is that we are actually making a version of Exalted that allows for a much simpler and quicker entry into the extremely deep pool that is Exalted lore, and the second being that we’ll be able to overprint this book’s print-run and get copies into stores!

    Not because of all the much money we’ll make by putting it into your Friendly Local Game Store – although that is obviously very much appreciated – but because we’ll be exposing a potential new audience to Exalted 3rd Edition for the first time. That’s a Very Good Thing.

    Again, as we’ve stated since the book was announced, it’s there to enrich and enable Exalted 3rd, ...


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