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Now Available: STB: Les Fantômes, plus M20 Rich Bastards preorder!

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  • Now Available: STB: Les Fantômes, plus M20 Rich Bastards preorder!

    Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: Storypath Tasty Bit: Les Fantômes for the Trinity Continuum!

    Eight years ago, the organization known as*Les Fantômes*(the Ghosts) exploded onto the crime scene with one of the largest heists and ransoming events the world had seen in decades.

    Claiming responsibility for first stealing, then ransoming, the Du Martin family diamonds, the organization was set to gain millions from the family. When the news broke that the Du Martin family had been engaged in insider trading, embezzlement, and stock fraud within family-owned businesses, Les Fantômes claimed ownership over leaking the information.

    Since that time, Les Fantômes has become synonymous with high-profile theft and people at the top of government watch lists. They are not quiet about their ongoings, and one would believe at times they wish to get caught. Despite that, no one seems to know where Les Fantômes will strike next, or who is involved in the organization.*

    Now you can portray one of these enigmatic thieves-with-a-heart-of-gold in*Trinity Continuum. This PDF expands on the material presented in the*Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook, including new Edges and Gifts, as well ...


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