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Squeak, Rattle, and…Hop? [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Squeak, Rattle, and…Hop? [Monday Meeting Notes]

    As our Squeaks in the Deep Kickstarter scampers forward, our latest achieved Stretch Goal brings in a new type of character to play: Rabbits!

    Or as more than one backer has said: Buh-nies!

    Lots of folks are talking about what could be next, depending on their interests and preferred animals: which is very cool! We love seeing what sort of characters folks want to play, whether because of a pet they loved or a type of animal they are just really into.

    Having new character/animal types show up in a companion book is also probably the very best way to include them, as Realms of Pugmire is, at it’s core, a game very focused on the dogs of Pugmire, the cats of Mau, and the rodents of the Underneath. The design space is bounded by that specific focus, but that doesn’t mean your home game needs to be.

    Because, there are other uplifted species that players can have fun with, so having them in a companion book means we can present some official rules, but not dilute the design focus within the dog/cat/rodent ...


    Onyx Path
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