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The Squeaky Wheel Gets the… [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • The Squeaky Wheel Gets the… [Monday Meeting Notes]


    …the hose, again?

    …the cheese?

    …to back the Squeaks in the Deep Kickstarter?

    But, of course! In fact there’s just over a week to jump in and join us all in the deep parts of the world as we scuttle and natter and chitter and chatter as mice and rats! Bring your favorite cat (Mau) and dog (Pugmire) characters and everyone can search for the underground ruins of Humankind.

    As I mentioned in previous weeks, the sewers, tunnels, cellars, caverns, dungeons, and buried ruins, of the Realms of Pugmire work thematically for our rodent friends and enemies, and for Realms of Pugmire as a whole. They are quite naturally and logically the buried places; the places where Man’s secrets are most likely to be.

    Each culture may have their own rationales for why they would explore and search for artifacts, but, as a concept, dungeons as exploration becomes even more compelling when they are part of a search for truth and identity for your people (as well as the adventure, magic items, and sweet, sweet, plastic! that we all expect out of a dungeon ...


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