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Media Spotlight: Red Moon Roleplaying

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  • Media Spotlight: Red Moon Roleplaying

    Red Moon Roleplaying

    As anyone familiar with our media section on the Monday Meeting Blog will know, we’ve long been supporters of the fine folks over at the ENnie award winning Red Moon Roleplaying. They produce some of the finest actual plays around, with superb use of music and editing to complement the gripping roleplay of their performers.

    Of course, sometimes their performers include our very own freelancers, including Matthew Dawkins, Travis Legge, Klara Horskjær Herbøl, and John Burke, among others!

    If you’ve missed their show, you can find it all places you might listen to a podcast (from Spotify and Podbean to YouTube and their own website, but here are a few playlists for you so you can get started on some of their shows:

    Vampire: The Masquerade – Return to Atlantic City ing content from V5 Trails of Ash and Bone, Matthew Dawkins takes his players through a short chronicle set in Atlantic City.

    Scarred Lands – Dead Man’s Rust spired by the horrors of the Hornsaw Forest in Dead Man’s Rust, Matthew Dawkins takes a party through this blighted part of Scarn.

    Scion: Demigod ...


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