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EEEK! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • EEEK! [Monday Meeting Notes]


    The sound you make after looking in your inbox after a week’s vacation!

    Lots of stuff to deal with, including a bunch of things I let wait until I was refreshed from vacay, so I’m going to share a selection with you here today. Some good, some bad – so I’ll start with a good one.


    Last week, we wrapped up the Squeaks in the Deep Kickstarter with a healthy amount of pledges and backers! Thanks to everyone who backed – and if you missed it, just sit tight for a few weeks and James will have the Squeaks BackerKit site up and running so you can order the book and join the fun!

    Eddy has already put together the Squeaks Companion and the Jumpstart‘s outlines and started reaching out to writers, so expect some rodent and rabbit goodness coming your way as fast as…well, a bunny!

    V5 Forbidden Religions art by Michael Gaydos


    Now, unfortunately, we need to look at one of the bad items. For a couple of months, at least, I’ve been mentioning how awful the current situation with shipping and printing ...


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