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    Saints are not chosen by the Gods, nor do they wield divine power. They are culture heroes, but they are not Heroes. They are human, quintessentially and completely. While many are moral paragons, they don’t have to be, and no small few are terrors. One of the most famous Saints is Amergin mac Mil of Ireland, whose power drove the Tuatha out but who is no more a paragon of modern morals than any of his foes.

    Saints, instead, embody the values of their culture. While they share Virtues with the pantheons of the World, a Saint whose Virtues are Kinship and Egotism need not worship the Theoi nor be Greek. Instead, they must embody those Virtues and derive from a community that holds them to be important. Saints are the voice of their community’s beliefs and values, as manifested in Virtue. They lead by example, showing others the path that they could take, if they only had the will and the Virtue to do so. They are often champions of their community, but sometimes grave enemies of it if they ...


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