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The One With No KS Blurbs! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • The One With No KS Blurbs! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Wow, seriously odd to have all this open space up here. No bad puns to follow up on in the title, no update on pledges. Nothin’ (but a pic from a convention from a galaxy far, far away).

    Well, let’s enjoy that for a bit, because as you all know, the Kickstarter train starts up again in a couple of weeks: with W20 Apocalyptic Record. We expect all the art needed for its KS will be in by the end of the month, but with Mirthful Mike off this week on an incredibly well-deserved break, we won’t actually be able to use that art until he gets back.

    And then there’s approvals with Paradox and then approvals with Kickstarter…and THEN we’ll announce the date that it starts. I was really miffed at Squeaks In The Deep‘s delayed campaign, so we’re playing it safe this time. It delays things a bit, but maybe the extra time can be used to get the word out.

    Also, I’m wondering – show of hands (replies in the Comments) – HOW MANY OF YOU WOULD SIGN UP ON ...


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