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    Throughout history, there’ve been those that could see the paths beyond time itself and were driven to explore those possibilities. Prophets don’t just exist within the zeitgeist; they embody and accelerate it toward eventual fulfillment through Fate’s machinations. They peer directly behind Fate’s veils at differing levels and, with the many interconnected and invisible strings visible to them, they pluck them until the desired harmonies ring forth. Though they can see Fate’s workings, Prophets are incapable of understanding its totality, driving some to become intoxicated by Fate itself. Some Prophets are blinded or driven insensate by glimpsing the inner workings of destiny. Though they’re not properly Legendary figures, they leave indelible marks regardless of whether they’re believed or not, and sometimes they even end up worshipped themselves. Whether advising great kings and generals who make pilgrimages to hear their utterances or summoning sudden miracles while glorifying one who is to come, these are all signs of unwise it is to ignore Prophets.

    Scion: Hero (p. 316) provided players with a baseline Path for Prophets unsure of their destiny yet able to ...


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