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Many Worlds, Many Words! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Many Worlds, Many Words! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    It was a very talky meeting today. Some Monday Meetings are like that – everybody has something to add, thoughts to exchange, and debates to have. Other times, it’s a series of pre-human grunts and terse (or exhausted) muttered reports.

    It’s all fine so long as we all get caught up to date on the latest info about our projects and the folks and company that create them.

    But today it was just lots of words. So I’ll share them here in as organized a fashion as I can, as they cover a bunch of topics.

    As usual, I started out with anything “big picture” that I dealt with last week, or expect to deal with in the coming week. Things were actually pretty quiet, but I did want to confirm with the team our panels for the Save Against Fear convention for the Bodhana Group in October.

    The convention is virtual again this year, and we’ll be sponsoring it again, so a What’s Up With Onyx Path? panel certainly makes sense. Also, because I ran an adventure (my first for adults in like ...


    Onyx Path
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