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    There’s no such thing as an average Denizen ? they are exceptionally diverse, and range from nearly human creatures like strange folk, to Denizens who appear to be intelligent but otherwise ordinary-looking animals like Cú Sith, to bizarre hybrid creatures like motorcycle centaurs or the horrific nuckelavee. There’s nothing like a single Path, Knack, Purview, Condition, or other trait that can define all Denizens so the only way to represent the vast diversity of Denizens is with a wealth of different Conditions, Knacks, and Purviews.

    The basic physicality of any specific type of Denizen, like a centaur or a giant is defined by one, or occasionally two Conditions. A Denizens’ special abilities linked to its physical form are represented by Knacks. In contrast, Purviews represent special types of magic that some Denizens possess, which are connected with their particular physical abilities and mythological resonances. In addition, Denizens’ physical capabilities are not static. While a motorcycle centaur will always be half person and half motorcycle, she can learn to push herself to drive faster than she ever could have managed before, ...


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