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In The Red! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • In The Red! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Not in a financial sense, though. We’re all still fine in that regard!

    But in referring to a little bit of internet foolishness that, frankly, I was just going to ignore for today until Impish Ian created the above lovely pastiche graphic. I mean, our motto combined with the logo for the legendary Red List from Vampire: The Masquerade all in regards to the so-called red list of gaming companies that are “too woke”?

    Had to include it today!

    Briefly, some gamers decided to create lists of the companies that create TTRPGs, and assign them to a green, or yellow, or red list depending on how “woke” they felt the companies were. Their definition of “woke”, mind you. It’s all subjective and dumb, at best. We were assigned to the red list, with no comments attached – when I saw the thing, so I guess we’re so well known for being against hatred, discrimination, and Nazis, that nothing more needed saying.

    Works for me.

    Hundred Devils Night Parade art by Romane Fauer

    Since today was Labor Day, it was nice that our Monday Meeting was relatively ...


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