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    Most mortals are content to let miracles remain the domain of the gods, their Scions, and the occasional Denizens who share the World with them. But Sorcerers are not most mortals. Craving power, these too-clever-by-half practitioners of hidden ways tamper with Fate and Legend, weaving spells to remake their lives, their World, their reality according to their own design. No few stray too far into spheres of influences jealously guarded by the divine, and no few are struck down for their hubris. 

    Yet power is not freely offered, not for these self-made masters of miracles. To be a Sorcerer is to mortgage your life upon the altar of magic. Those who start down such a path will rarely turn away from it, and the further down it they go, the less recognizable they become. There is, after all, no such thing as a free lunch — to do magic is to sacrifice your nature, your future, your identity, your freedom. Few can make such a choice, but then, to a Sorcerer, it’s no choice at all. Even before they took the ...


    Onyx Path
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