In which the trio talk about what inspires them and our Onyx Path Tasty Bits!

An update on Exalted: Essence and editing from DixieAn update on Squeaks in the Deep and Trinity Continuum: Anima from EddyAn update on W20 The Apocalyptic Record, They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave!, and Trinity Continuum: Aether from MatthewWerewolf Dietary ProblemsSchool MemoriesA history of pens and handwritingDifferent styles of redliningWhere does Eddy get his ideas?The value of “ideas people”How to get your ideas reviewedADHD as a superpowerWords and terms inherited from other kinds of gamesThe Tasty Bit ProgramTasty Bits for Scion, They Came From, and TrinityPeople are engaging with our Tasty Bits!The benefits of community content and the amazing Frostlands of Fenrilik for Scarred LandsExalted TV!


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