Maybe we just nailed the info in the KS. Maybe the project is so cool that those who needed to approve it were just in awe and gave their OK.

Pretty sure we just got lucky, but this time our Kickstarter page for the Deluxe W20 The Apocalyptic Record was approved way earlier than we expected!

Which is great, y’know. We are not complaining!

Hundred Devils Night Parade art by Gong Studios

Like I previewed in glorious detail last week, W20 Apocalyptic Record is going to be a six part book, with five chapters that describe the points of view of five different characters – keyed to their Auspex – and a sixth that delves deep into the metaplot and goes through all the years of Werewolf: The Apocalypse storylines.

Mirthful Mike and I have been firing Deluxe cover visuals back and forth at each other for weeks, and we think you’re really going to love how this will look. It’s a fitting companion to the Deluxe W20 itself (although not the Heavy Metal Edition from the original KS – that monster would probably be ...