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    Titanic Scions

    The Scions of Gods inherit both the power of their divine progenitors and their relationship to the World full of humanity. The child of Zeus does not merely wield thunder when they aspire to their father’s lightning, but a force which wends its way through the hearts of mortals as it lifts the Scion towards divinity. Even if a Scion of Thor becomes a hateful leveler of human works, even if a Scion of Huitzilopochtli devotes themselves to turning cities into engines for a new age of eternal flower war and sacrifice, even if their names are cursed and spat by those they’ve harmed, the decedents of divine mantels are part of the ineffable circuit that exists between the World’s inhabitants and its Gods. 

    Those Scions who trace their existence back to Titanic roots know no such place between Gods and mortals. Whether the result of some Titanic whim, supernatural congress, or freak cosmic transfusion, the heart of their nature does not lie within the orbits between divine mantle and mortal heart. No matter how pure the intent a Scion ...


    Onyx Path
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