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This is the Dawning of the Age of Apocalypse…[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • This is the Dawning of the Age of Apocalypse…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    The Age of Apocalypse…


    What that bit of song parody is all about is that we’re going live with the Kickstarter for the Deluxe W20 Apocalyptic Record tomorrow, Tuesday the 21st! We haven’t done a W20 Kickstarter in quite some time, so we’re all really excited to HOWL with you all once again!

    Developer Matthew Dawkins has this to say overview of the book:

    It’s a big roleplaying sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, covering around 30 years of story threads and lore elements from Werewolf and expanding them to make them accessible and playable.

    Also check out this chapter by chapter breakdown from two week ago’s MMN blog:

    We’ve been calling this the capstone book for W20, and while there will no doubt be at least one added Stretch Goal project to come out of this KS, the Apocalyptic Record will certainly be the last W20 book Kickstarted!

    (Unless plans change again…)

    So check out the preKS page and sign up for an alert when the KS goes live so you don’t miss all the excitement!

    Much of our talk today ...


    Onyx Path
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