Of course, first news is about our Kickstarter for W20 Apocalyptic Record – we went live and funded last Tuesday! AWHOOOO!

Thanks to everybody who backed already and also to everybody who spread the word beforehand! Great job folks! You’re the reason we’re going to be able to create this deluxe book!

Thank you all!

If I’m getting a little misty here, it’s just that I’ve had a long association with Werewolf: The Apocalypse. So gather around the fire and listen to my short snippets of larger tales of the olden times (the 1990’s).

The first I heard about WtA was when Stewart Wieck described how we were going “all in” on the World of Darkness and releasing a new game line every year. Committing to a new “monster game” for five years running was not how it was done, but it sure did build interest!

And the first announced game after Vampire: The Masquerade was Werewolf. Stew told me that he had pushed to make them something more than the old Wolfman-style werewolves, and had added the further idea of their ecological awareness and ...