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  • Writer All-Call: Follow Up

    The all-call (you know, this thing) is going well. We’ve got a few dozen submissions so far, and I’m looking forward to reading through them snagging some new folks for whatever the heck my next project turns out to be. We have had a few questions that come up often enough to merit this post,…


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    Re: Fiction vs Game prose. Does that mean you're looking for fiction that illustrates how a particular mechanic might work out? For example, if I submit a short story featuring an Idigam, would you want me to write it in such a way that I show STs and players how a particular power(s) of the Idigam would translate into the narrative from the rules?


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      "Game prose" is the bulk of our books, where we tell you about the World of Darkness, how to play the game, Storyteller, splats, etc. Mechanics are the game systems. Fiction is exactly that, and only tends to show up in the prologues in the beginnings of books and the full-page pieces at the beginnings of chapters.



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        What is the deadline for submissions? I'm up against a conference paper deadline and won't even be able to get to this for another 2 weeks...


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          There is no deadline. These are just effectively the new writer submission guidelines.

          Edit: While being an open call for new writers as well, of course.

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              How is the call going?


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                Originally posted by Grumpy RPG Reviews View Post
                How is the call going?
                There are a lot of submissions and Devs are looking them over as we get time between projects. MMM

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                  So how do things stand now, particularly in the wake of CCP letting so many staff go?


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                    Nothing has changed for our license so far as we've heard. Still rolling right along.


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                      I knew, or at least believed, the license would be fine. But with the former WW staffers out of work (or at last let go from WW), then Onyx Path has a pool of talent they already know - and OP could hardly be blamed for hiring known talents for a job. To put it another way, when the unfortunate closure of WW more or less created a pool of known talented and available writers, so is there even a point to the writer all call for unknown writers?


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